About us...

When The Torrance Gallery was founded in 1970, it was the only art gallery dealing in contemporary art in Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. Now The Torrance Gallery has been joined on this fine New Town street by the majority of the independent galleries in Edinburgh.
In March 2019, Brian and Jo Torrance embarked on their well-earned retirement, and the gallery has been taken over by The Edinburgh Drawing School owner, Fiona McCrindle.

With lots of gallery experience under her belt, and running her own E.D.S. Gallery since 2013, Fiona continues to follow the Torrance's original objectives of presenting continually changing, affordable, contemporary art exhibitions, mainly in one or two person exhibitions, with two big mixed exhibitions in the calendar -one in early Spring and one at Christmas. 
With the help of our website, The Torrance Gallery exports highly sought after Scottish Contemporary Art throughout the world. Customers can buy from the images on our website or we can email images on request.

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